We get results for our clients:

At Gray, Sowle, and Iacco, we pride ourselves on fighting for the members of our community. We'll do everything in our power to help you win against big insurance companies and corporations. Here are some of our recent settlement victories:

Boating Accident: $2,527,415
Auto Accident: $2,167,005
Medical Malpractice: $1,012,500
Auto Accident: $800,520
Auto Accident: $758,995
Medical Malpractice: $743,226
Dog Bite: $737,556
Industrial Accident: $465,122
Auto Accident: $2,042,570

Slip and Fall: $348,000
Auto Accident: $300,000
Auto Accident: $400,000
Auto Accident: $1,000,000
Work Accident: $725,000
Livestock Accident: $310,000
Auto Accident: $389,953
Auto Accident: $450,000
Auto Accident: $1,052,500

Here's what our clients have to say:

Dan made me feel important to him. He told me what was going to happen ahead of time, which made me prepared for it.
— Tammy Wilson
We have nothing negative to say. In our eyes, they are angels and they were the only ones who believed in us when no one else did. We were impressed with the updates and hard work Dan and his staff provided to us.
— Scott Gammey and Shannon Knolten
Everything was explained to me. Every question I had was answered in a timely manner. Everyone in the office was very nice.
— Stacey Wilkinson
No one ever wants to be in a position to seek legal services. When I called Gray, Sowle & Iacco for assistance the office representative asked me a few simple questions about the reason for my call. After our brief conversation, she transferred my call directly to Mr. Sowle. I was shocked and surprised to be transferred within minutes to a lawyer in the practice. Mr. Sowle assessed my situation on the phone and said he would call me back after he researched my situation. Within one day he called me back and we set up a meeting to discuss my case. They provided excellent service and I am so glad I made that first call.
— Cheryl Yesney
The things that impressed me the most were the experience of Gray, Sowle & Iacco, they knew exactly what was needed without a wait. How fast things went from start to finish. The honesty was amazing!
— Amanda Conway
What impressed me the most was the way Gray, Sowle & Iacco explained my rights and they answered any questions I had. They did a very good job. Thank You!
— John Padgett
Dan and Pam are true professionals. I feel they went the extra mile for me. I know my case was not easy, it could have went either way and in the end we won and I got double the amount I wanted. Nice job and thank you to you both.
— James Prince